Merchant Taylor school

Merchant Taylors’ School is a large Independent Boys’ School, situated in 286 acres of parkland in Northwood, Middlesex. The School was founded in 1561, is owned by the Merchant Taylors’ Educational Trust and moved to its present site in 1933. There are four distinct boys’ day schools on campus. The Nursery, the Pre-Prep & the Prep cater for 340 boys, while the Senior School has some 900 pupils. The School employs over 140 teachers and 160 Support staff across Merchant Taylors’ School.

Provision of support for the School’s Database and Examinations administration under the supervision of the Director of Studies and the Examinations Officer.

Duties include:

Database Management (under supervision of Director of Studies):

  • Induction and supervision of users
  • Maintenance of program files
  • Maintenance of data files
  • Liaison with other staff
  • Preparation of school list and maintain blue book
  • Carry out annual update at end of school year
  • Issue notifications of change of address
  • Maintain pupil and parent contact details
  • Assist with all timetable issues
  • Assist with all set change issues in ISAMS and SOCS
  • Set up and maintain all assessment manager mark sheets, reports and graphs
  • Produce reports required by the school leadership team
  • Produce reports for boys and parents including parents evening
  • Set up, maintain and assist with ISAMS reporting
  • Import marks and results into ISAMS
  • Import MidYIS, Yellis and ALIS results into ISAMS
  • Produce contact detail lists and labels for staff
  • Maintain transport details and coach lists for pupils on ISAMS
  • Assist with the school calendar on ISAMS and produce the staff, pupil and parents calendars for each term
  • Produce billing lists for school photographs with labels for posting to home address
  • Assist with reports required by teaching staff and support staff
  • Assist with training of staff in the use of ISAMS and SOCS

Examinations Administration (under supervision of Head of Examinations):

  • External examinations
  • Data entry for forecast grades and coursework marks (ISAMS)
  • Assist in the posting of coursework to examiners with all the correct accompanying paperwork
  • Assist in the production of all reports and mark sheets for staff and school leadership team
  • Printing of examination information and distributions to boys
  • Processing applications and maintaining evidence and records for candidates with Access Arrangements whilst liaising with the head of learning support
  • Assisting with the start of examinations
  • Assisting with special consideration applications for candidates during their examinations
  • Provision of exam board publications to meet needs of all departments and contact with the exam boards on behalf of any member of staff
  • Assisting the head of examinations with the security and checking of question papers both incoming and outgoing
  • Prepare exam papers to ensure secure and timely collection of exam papers by parcel force
  • Assistance for the two weeks surrounding the GCSE and GCE exam results
  • Assisting with the admin surrounding all enquiries of results
  • Cash/cheque handling for remark and exam entries and associated accounting
  • Prepare all certificates for collection/posting
  • Provide cover for the period between Exam Results days
  • Internal examinations
  • Data entry for all internal exams (spread sheets & ISAMS)
  • Assist with running internal examinations as if they were external examinations
  • Set up and maintain all mark sheets of internal examinations in ISAMS
  • Assist in the production of all reports and mark sheets for staff and parents

General Duties:

  • Administrative support for the Head of Examinations, including liaison with parents and boys
  • Assistance with the maintenance of all the modules in ISAMS and SOCS
  • Assisting the head of examinations with daily troubleshooting
  • Assist members of staff to access ISAMS effectively
  • Investigate issues with ISAMS and Report problems
  • Assist with headmaster’s and school leadership team’s reports recorded on to pupil records.





Weekly wage


Working week

8.30am - 4.30pm Monday - Friday Total hours per week: 35.00

Apprenticeship duration

18 months

Possible start date

4 December 2020

Date posted

22 September 2020

Apprenticeship level

Advanced Level Apprenticeship

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