Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy 2020/21

1. Introduction

This policy outlines the approach KEITS Training Services Limited will take to sub-contracting. It will outline how we retain fees and charges to organisations subcontracted to work in conjunction with KEITS. It is published in line with ESFA requirements stated in the following funding rules for 2019/20 academic year.

Apprenticeship funding rules for main providers


ESFA funded adult education budget (AEB): funding and performance management rules 2020 to 2021

2. Reasoning for sub-contracting

KEITS will consider working in partnership with other providers, to diversify and support our existing offer and that of other providers. KEITS will only sub-contract to meet a specific business need; for example, to enhance the opportunities available to learners by offering a service which compliments existing work, to offer niche or expert provision, to support geographical access for learners and offer an entry point for disadvantaged groups.

Sub-contracting provides development opportunities for both KEITS and its sub-contractors, to share good practice leading to innovation and new ways of working.

3. Selection Process 

All sub contractors are subject to rigorous due diligence and interview before we contract with them.  

KEITS is not obliged to offer due diligence to all enquiries and we are not actively looking to develop this provision further.

4.Moving to contract and working in partnership

Once KEITS are satisfied that the sub contractor meets all our requirements then a legally binding contract will be issued. The contract will be accompanied by the quality manual which stipulates clearly what we expect from partners and in return what they can expect from us.

Sub-contracted provision will not commence until the contract and quality manual are signed and returned to KEITS.

5. Support sub-contractors will receive in return for the fees

  • Monthly dissemination of information on sub-contractor’s performance.
  • Monthly MIS detailing each learner and employer’s details to ensure they meet the audit requirements outlined in KEITS Quality Manual, KEITS Sub-Contract agreement and the ESFA funding rules.
  • Processing and storage of all employer/learner paperwork and information at its head office for audit/funding and compliance.
  • Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment.
  • MIS data uploaded to the hub via KEITS staff.
  • Support with interpreting government initiatives/documents and guidance.
  • Face to face meetings.
  • Monthly detailed provider funding reports per provider.
  • Detailed monthly individual learner progress monitoring tracking. 
  • Investigate complaints or allegations made against the sub-contractor if applicable.
  • Manage financials received from the employer and the ESFA and make appropriate payments. 
  • Oversee the relationship with the end-point assessment provider.
  • Ensure high quality delivery through observations of the Apprenticeship journey, monitoring of progress, undertaking learner IAG phone reviews, learner and employer exit reviews, ESFA learner and employer satisfaction surveys, auditing and compliance checking paperwork and data to ensure eligibility and authenticity.
  • Provide nominated safeguarding and Prevent co-ordinator details for queries, concerns and reporting of incidents.
  • Provide nominated finance staff for queries regarding payments and incentives.
  • Undertake a proportion of apprentice learner reviews .

6. Funding retained by KEITS

KEITS will retain a maximum of 20% of funding to cover the costs associated with KEITS’s delivery and Quality Assurance as outlined above.

All sub-contractors are paid monthly via BACS transfer as soon as we receive payment from ESFA.

The policy is reviewed annually and is issued at the commencement of the new contract year along with the sub-contractor agreement and quality manual. 

7. Policy Review and Publishing

This policy is reviewed annually in accordance with the ESFA funding rules and is published on KEITS website. Each sub-contractor is issued with a copy of this policy annually. 


Signed by David Rose KEITS Training Services CEO

On  1stAugust 2020

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