Safeguarding Policy

KEITS Training Services Ltd aspires and endeavours to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect learners and staff from harm.

This policy establishes KEITS’s position, role and responsibilities in regards to safeguarding and clarifies what is expected from everybody involved in KEITS. It clearly highlights the importance placed by the KEITS in the protection of its learners and staff team.

Safeguarding for Learners

KEITS Training Services Ltd is committed to ensuring that all learners should feel safe for the duration of their learning programme with us. However as they are often in a work situation, either employed/work experience or volunteering, some of the responsibility will lie with the employer. This document outlines the joint responsibilities and aims of KEITS and employers, as well as identifying what you should do if you have a concern. This could apply where your employee informs you of a situation/occurrence/risk either inside or outside of the work situation. There is also some guidance to help raise awareness of some of the behaviours that may constitute a safeguarding risk.

Safeguarding Policy
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