Learning at Allied Bakeries, Stevenage

Friday 26 March, 2021
Antonino Riviezzo

Antonino Riviezzo learner success

In November 2019 I met two very nice guys called Antonino Riviezzo and Marcelo Tronca who are both from Italy and very proud to say they are the only Italians at Allied Stevenage!

Antonino and Marcelo came to me to ask for help with their English. I sat with them both and got them to complete the BKSB paper based assessment to gauge their levels and found that their levels were quite good so I bought KEITS on site to assess them ready for signing up.

Antonino was assessed and enrolled on a Level 1 course whilst Marcelo was enrolled on Entry Level 3 and they set to work on their courses.

By May 2020 the guys were ready for testing but, as we all know, Covid hit us and made things a little complicated with attending the site.  KEITS set up Zoom meetings with them both to test their Speaking and Listening and they passed this.  Then it got a bit harder because a tutor would have to attend site to do the next two assessments but with help from HR, Andria Fuller, Antonino was able to do this and has now achieved his Level 1 qualification, how brilliant is that?

KEITS have now set up Marcelo’s testing for this month and I’m in no doubt that he will obtain his qualification too.

Antonino said:

I asked for help to have a proven qualification of my English, recognized in the UK, City & Guilds and I found out through Union representatives coming into my workplace, Allied Bakeries in Stevenage and if I had not met Carol Hillaby in the canteen of my workplace I don`t think I would have actively sort a course, and main reason was because the course was free and easy to enroll.

The course was online and fairly easy to follow. The assessments helped me to understand what mistakes I was making in my English.  The speaking part of the testing was online with 2 other students and 2 assessors, because of Covid-19. The rest of the testing was at my workplace with an assessor, which was helpful when I had doubts about questions. All tests were at the level that I expected, neither easy or too hard.

I was supported by the union and the whole team of KEITS when I had questions about dates, times of testing and throughout the course I had calls to monitor my progress. If possible, I will move to level 2 because it could help me in my career, although I might be interested in other courses too.

It was my first time I followed a course online. I enjoyed doing it because it was done in my own time. I was happy to gain the qualification because I can put it now on my CV. The Union helped me achieving it through phone support and meetings at my workplace in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend this way of learning because it was done without any pressure.

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