Learner of the Month- February 2021

Saturday 6 February, 2021
sensational six

We are pleased to celebrate six fantastic apprentices as part of our National Apprenticeship Week celebrations. 

Firstly, Jessica Kinge, a Level 2 Animal Care and Welfare Apprentice from The Mayhew Animal Welfare Charity. Nominated by her assessor Cathy Dittrich. 

Cathy said:

"I have been greatly impressed by her mature attitude and the consistently excellent standard of work she has produced for her EPA portfolio.  Whether it be writing a report, creating a leaflet or demonstrating bandaging technique to show off her first aid skills, Jessica has addressed each task with professionalism.   She has also adapted brilliantly to remote working, producing high quality videos, taking part in live streaming assessments and attending all her Zoom appointments on time.   Jessica has her Gateway meeting booked and is expected to be ready for her EPA very soon."

Next, Benjamin Caton, a Level 3 Animal Care- Pet and Retail Apprentice from Pets at Home Letchworth. Nominated by his assessor Andrea Streets. 

Andrea said:

"Throughout his course he has maintained excellent communication with me (his assessor) and continued to show a real passion and drive for his job and his qualification.  Benjie started his apprenticeship just before the start of the first lockdown, he adapted brilliantly with the change of the delivery to the course. Benjie has spent time reading around topics and tasks set to develop his own knowledge and has consistently submitted work to a high standard. Benjie has been a fantastic and engaged learner and has been brilliant to work with!"

Next, Jake Wetherall, a Level 2 Golf Greenkeeping Apprentice from Wexham Park Golf Club. Nominated by his assessor Linda Cawley. 

Cathy said:

"He has coped very well with the Covid changes. Taking on board different opinions and completing all work that has asked of him in a timely manner.  He is nearing the completion of his apprenticeship now and will then become a valued member of the team at the Golf Course."

Next Freya Lee, a Level 3 Animal Care and Welfare apprentice from K9 Protector. Nominated by her assessor Jac Cheeseman. 

Jac said: 

"Freya is due to complete her level 3 Animal care and Welfare qualification in March. Freya has worked right through COVID with no furlough or time off. She struggled for quite a while to complete work and found remote working very hard.  However, Freya has done a brilliant job catching up and is now on track to complete on time."

Jac also nominated another K9 Protector Apprentice. Ben Lilley is a Level 2 Animal Care and Welfare Apprentice.

Jac said: 

"He is currently working towards his level 2 Animal care and Welfare qualification. Ben has worked really hard to catch up and get his work back on track in order to complete in a timely manner. Throughout COVID Ben has continued to work and although technology has been an issue for him has managed to send through video evidence to demonstrate his practical skills."

Lastly, but by no means least, Victoria Brown a Level 3 Business Administrator Apprentice at Castle Newham School.  Nominated by her assessor Rion Richards. 

Rion said:

"Victoria always completes any apprenticeship tasks to a high standard, and her answers are drawn together from a range of sources and experiences. Victoria is always pro-active in completing her apprenticeship tasks. Additionally, Victoria is working towards taking her FS Maths L2 test and has been working hard on developing the range of numeracy skills that will be required. Victoria has a positive and highly motivated mindset."

Congratulations to sensational six from all at KEITS. Good luck on completing your apprenticeship and for the future. 


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