Learner of the Month - February 2020!

Wednesday 5 February, 2020

This months award goes to Charlotte at Suffolk Canine Creche

Charlotte is a Canine Carer at Suffolk Canine Creche and is undertaking a Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Animal Care.

Charlotte's assessor Sarah put Charlotte forward for this recognition and has provided the following statement:

"Charlie has worked so hard throughout her level 3 apprenticeship; her work is always completed to an outstanding level and on time with Charlie putting her best into every single piece. Charlie is always keen and enthusiastic to do well and learn, striving to achieve excellent results across all of her apprenticeship. Charlie has worked so efficiently that we are now in the final stages of completing her apprenticeship! Charlie has proven to be an excellent team worker, playing an important role in the business with her enthusiastic and infectious drive and motivation. I feel Charlie truly deserves the recognition for all of her hard work."

Charlotte's employer has also said:
"Charlie never had to be chased to deliver assignments, her skill sets have evolved (both animal and communication skills) she is a very dedicated, and a valued team member."

Well done Charlotte from all of us at KEITS!

Learner of the Month- July 2020

Paris is determined that Furlough wont stop her achieving her EPA.

Distinction at Horse Care EPA for Tewin Hill Learners.

Charley Hyde and Grace Catlin from Tewin Hill Farm achieve Distinction at their Horse Care EPA.

Upcoming Framework End Date

The last date for new starts for all remaining live apprenticeship frameworks is fast approaching.

Distinction at Animal Care EPA for Kate Perry

Kate Perry from RSPCA Coventry has passed her Animal Care EPA with a Distinction.