KEITS Remain a GOOD Provider!

Tuesday 13 August, 2019

We talk about being Ofsted ready all the time, but you don’t really think the call will come!

So 9.00 on Friday 12 th July , KEITS received the call to say that someone from Ofsted would like to speak to David or I.  Following lengthy calls between myself and the Chief Inspector, it was planned that at 10am on Tuesday 16th six inspectors were to arrive for a FULL Inspection.

We have been thoroughly scrutinised and studied in all aspects of our provision, including that of our partners. Many of our employers, learners and other stakeholders were either visited or contacted in order for the inspectors to be able to check and confirm that we are doing the job to the right standard. They also checked that our Self-Assessment Report is an accurate reflection of our services.

As KEITS’ nominee, my role was to confirm the plan for each day so that their visits would run smoothly and to provide evidence to support our claims regarding our provision.  The rest of the team had to prepare and ensure that all the information was ready, accurate and in the right place, as well as carry on with their normal daily responsibilities.  Some members of the team were interviewed by members of the inspectorate team in order to provide the evidence they needed to be able to grade our provision accurately.

The inspection continued until Friday and ended with a grading meeting. Regular feedback meetings enabled us to challenge misunderstandings or queries that had arisen.  On Friday afternoon when we received brief verbal feedback from the lead inspector and her deputy.  At this point we were not permitted to share our result as it must be moderated, checked and published, before this can take place but we are now thrilled to announce that we have continued to be graded as GOOD.

Remaining at Good level is a major achievement for KEITS as with most quality marks the ‘bar is raised’ ever higher year on year. Judgment criteria are more specific, outcomes more challenging and as tax payers money is involved, inspectors and inspections rightly so, are more highly regulated. In order to ‘remain as Good’ KEITS has moved forward significantly.

We would like to thank all of you for helping us to achieve this grade, as without your interaction with inspectors via interviews, visits and responses to surveys we would not have got there.  The link below will take you to our report which is also available on the website. So, a big thank you for your contribution and we hope that we will continue to develop and improve our service to all.

Rebecca Diamond

KEITS Director


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