Tuesday 20 April, 2021
Earth Day

Earth Day


Earth day was set up in 1970 as a mission to diversify,educate and activate an environmental movement worldwide.

It was started to initiate discussions and hold sectors accountable for their actions in their role in the environmental crisis. It aims to raise awareness and bring about change to protect our earth and all who in habit it for the future.

Earth. Our planet. Our home.

Earth is not just our home, but the home of billions of other species, flora and fauna. We are all balanced in a delicate ecosystem that enables life. But, we are in danger!  A growing population and our consumption of fossil fuels and single use items is upsetting the balance and driving us to a crisis point and a path to extinction.

Earth day is an opportunity to raise awareness and open discussions about the crisis our planet faces now, and in the future. It is a chance for individuals, businesses and governments to unite and put in place a plan of action to bring about change to protect our home.

This year's theme is 'Restore our Earth' It begins with a worldwide youth summit, leading onto a multilingual educational summit and then culminates in a live digital event hosted by



Earth Day 2021

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