Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

Monday 16 March, 2020

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

As the UK along with all other nations are facing perhaps the greatest crisis since WW2 with events unfolding quickly on a daily basis, I would like to reassure all our clients that KEITS have put in place continuity plans to ensure the minimum disruption to the services we provide whilst putting our staff’s and customers safety at the forefront of our plans.

We do not know what the full impact will be for so many organisations in the UK but it is becoming evidently clear that it could be many months before the worst is behind us.

In the weeks/months ahead, the government may take draconian steps, similar to what we are seeing being done by other countries and so our daily lives, working arrangements and how we spend our free time will change dramatically during this unprecedented period.

We will work closely with all our clients and adapt our delivery models in accordance with each individual business’s own continuity plans and procedures. Where possible, new learner signups & inductions, review visits and training sessions will be done remotely if required.

For those organisations that require staff including apprentices to work from home, this will be an ideal opportunity for these apprentices to build up their 20% OTJ training hours and KEITS Training and Assessment Consultants will help these businesses by setting study work and assignments as required, so that when normality returns to the workplace, there will be reduced pressure for apprentice to catch up with OTJ hours, thus releasing more time helping the business recovery.

Finally, I hope you and those close to you, keep healthy.

David Rose

(Chief Executive)

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KEITS are now offering FREE courses in Digital Skills through Gateway Qualifications

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