As a result of the Covid Pandemic we have experienced periods where face-to-face delivery and where access to some workplaces/training centres has not been permitted. KEITS has endeavored to make best use of technology to maintain delivery of training and assessment wherever possible and this document outlines our current offer.

With the current situation there is considerable disruption to the delivery of training through reduced access to employers and learners’ workplaces/training centres. The purpose of this document is to outline how our service has adapted and developed to meet the requirements of KEITS Training Services employers and learners going forward.

KEITS service to employers and learners

KEITS offer will remain as flexible as is permitted. Our intention is to reduce the number of face-to-face visits to employers’ and learners’ premises, in line with Government guidelines for specific periods and locations. Wherever possible face-to-face visits will be replaced with one-to-one remote sessions with individual learners nominated training and assessment Consultants, who will provide training and assessment opportunities as appropriate and tutorial support, to monitor progress, assess work submitted, provide constructive feedback, agree work to be undertaken and targets to be reviewed at the next contact opportunity.

As and where employers are able to facilitate face-to-face activities these will be planned on an individual basis to ensure COVID-19 compliant visits can be provided. These may be specifically utilised to undertake formative assessments of practical skills, examinations and End Point assessments to ensure that learners are not experiencing unavoidable delays to achievement and/or progression.

Sessions will be planned and agreed to suit individual learners needs and requirements and will form the basis of a flexible offer, to meet the needs of all groups of learners and their employers, if applicable. All learners have access to electronic resources and platforms for recording and submitting work. These may be accessed through a range of digital means to suit as many devices as possible. Where learners do not have access to devices and/or internet it may be necessary to utlise paper-based learning materials/resources and if no suitable alternatives can be provided there may be no alternative, but to pause or suspend learning/ training.

Our Curriculum has been reviewed and adapted where necessary to frontload knowledge-based training and assessment, where it is not possible to provide support for training of some specific practical skill development. However, with employers’ support, ‘work around’ solutions will be agreed wherever possible.

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