KEITS is constantly striving to improve its service to our learners, employers and stakeholders.

We have received the following feedback from contract year 2016/17 and we will do the following to improve our service.

You said: Improve Communication regarding the quality of course information

We did:

Continue to provide clear and concise information for learners and employers at the start of their programme, to confirm content and agree expectations. We will ensure that all programmes have clear and structured knowledge questions to avoid repetition. We will improve the style of writing and the use of language to simplify worksheets and targets. We will move learning resources from the VLE to e-portfolio to make them more accessible.

You said: Some Learners felt that Employer support could be improved

We did:

Establish clear expectations for employers to provide effective support and training for their employees. Provide clear information at the start of the programme about the study and development time commitment from the employer and employee.

KEITS will provide more IAG for employers new to Apprenticeships/Work Based Learning to enable them to become better informed and effective employers of Apprentices/Work Based Learners.

You said: Review the online e-portfolio system

We did:

Review the current e-portfolio system to ensure that it is fit for purpose. Ensure that e-portfolios are introduced clearly and used in an appropriate setting to enable learners more efficient collection of evidence and develop better communication between assessment visits.

You said: Review the delivery model to ensure it fits with business and staffs needs

We did:

Ensure that assessors allocate individualised, appropriate time scales for learners which fit with individual business needs which will allow the learners to complete in a timely manner.

KEITS will ensure that all new assessors are effectively supported to be confident in all aspects of their role especially diary management and scheduling of assessments to fit in with employer and learner needs.

You said: Keep pushing for funding to support learners/employers and the unemployed

We did:

We will continue to be responsive to employers and societies needs and utilise funding streams to support skills gaps and shortages. Keep up to speed with funding opportunities and continue to be a quality, preferred provider. Continue to reinforce the government’s initiatives and legislation in a reader friendly format so that all can understand.

Choices Employer Satisfaction Survey Results:

Q1 – Understanding your organisations training needs – SCORE 8.8

Q2 – Offering training and or assessment in a flexible way to meet your needs – SCORE 9.0

Q3 – Communicating clearly with you throughout the process – SCORE 8.6

Q4 – Their overall efficiency in their dealings with you – SCORE 8.7

Q5 – The professionalism of the staff delivering training and/or assessment – SCORE 9.1

Q6 – Delivering training that reflects up to date practices in your industry/sector – SCORE 8.9

Q7 – How would you rate the benefits of the training/assessment to your organisation – SCORE 8.9

Q8 – How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the overall quality of training/assessment – SCORE 8.8

Q9 – How likely would you be to recommend this training provider to another employer seeking similar training – SCORE 9.1

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