Animal Care courses available with KEITS:

Animal Care and Welfare Assistant Standard

Animal Care and Welfare Assistants look after the routine day to day husbandry and care of domestic and/or wild animals under guidance in a variety of different settings. The work is carried out individually or as part of a team in places such as kennels and catteries, laboratories, animal welfare centres, farm parks, rehabilitation centres, retail outlets and in the transportation of animals. Animal Care and Welfare Assistants must have a strong work ethic and be prepared to work irregular hours in all weather conditions. They must maintain safe working practices and taking responsibility for themselves, animals and others.

Typical job roles include: kennel/cattery assistant; animal technician, animal welfare assistant; animal day care assistant; animal collection officer; wildlife rehabilitation assistant, pet retail assistant, animal handler, veterinary care assistant, farm park assistant.

Individuals will need to achieve the core skills and knowledge, behaviours and one option from the following list:

  • Animal Interaction and Handling
  • Rehoming
  • Movement and Transportation
  • Operational/Reception Duties
  • Breeding; Zoos, Aquaria and Exotics
  • Working Dog Handler
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation
  • Veterinary Care Support.

Duration:  Typically 18 months

We also offer the following non apprenticeship options:

  • Level 1 Diploma in Work-Based Animal Care
  • Level 2 Diploma in Work-Based Animal Care
  • Level 3 Diploma in Work-Based Animal Care
  • Functional Skills
Animal Care Job Profile Animal Care and Welfare Assistant Summary
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